6 promises between you and us

Explain carefully
for new visitors

We will answer any questions about acupuncture.

Tell you
your current body condition

The current severity is indicated by screening tests used in hospitals.

Fullfil responsibilities
as a medical professional

Whatever symptoms you have, we will do what we can do.

No binding
to the bed

You can move freely during treatment.

Answer everything
you want to know.

Based on your body condition and your circumstances, we will explain why you have symptoms.

Provide quick and
effective treatment.

We will cure your symptoms within 5 visits.

What symptoms do you have?

  • ・Insurance treatment(stiff shoulders, back pain, neuralgia, cervical arm syndrome, cervical spine sprain, rheumatism, Osteoarthritis)
  • ・Specialized treatment(pain, numbness, fatigue)
  • ・Infertility treatment
  • ・Eye strain treatment
  • ・Clear your head
  • ・Cold sensitivity and insomnia
  • ・improve basic physical strength
  • ・Beauty treatment(cosmetic acupuncture, hyperthermia)

We offer custom made treatments if you have any problems.

Message from visitors



Take acupuncture as an option
for treating illness and relieving fatige.

Hello, I'm Shinfune, an acupuncturist from Kyoto.

I offer solid and professional acupuncuture treatment, using the experience gained from studying at a university hospital in Kyoto and the knowledge studied at a graduate school. Acupuncture is very effective for neurological symptoms(pain, numbness, etc.), gynecological disorders(infertility, irregular menstruation, etc.) and autonomic nervous symptoms(fatigue, lack of sleep, etc.).
Since this is what I have studied professionally, please contact me for anything.
There are people who feel sad when you get sick or injured. Your body is not only for yourself. Heal your illness and fatige by acupuncture treatment. We also accept work-life balance body maintainance. Let's welcome tomorrow in much better condition.

院長 新船敬洋
院長 新船敬洋

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